How NC DMV License Revocation Cases Get Solved: Sample Cases I've Handled

   Often I receive calls from clients who have horrible driving records, and have been suspended for decades, or maybe even never had a license! Many clients spend the time to call DMV, print their driving records, and call a number of attorneys seeking a solution. In some cases, they have reached a point where they believe their license is unobtainable. These are the type of cases I enjoy solving the most. Particularly when multiple counties and DMV actions are involved. Maybe you believe that you, or someone you know will never be able to get their license reinstated. We can often find a solution for really tough cases, so you may be surprised! Below are some rough examples of actual cases I've handled recently:

Case Example 1:

   This Defendant had failure to appear in Graham County, Haywood County, McDowell County, and pending traffic violations in Buncombe county. This particular individual had not had a valid NC Driver's license for a number of years. RESULT: Driver's license reinstated, with nearly a half dozen traffic violations dismissed, and only one conviction with Prayer for Judgement to keep the license renewable!


Case Example 2: 

   This particular Defendant had never had a driver's license in their life. After a decade of driving with no license, and being charged with numerous violations, they decided it was time to do things legitimately. RESULT: After arguing passionately with the District Attorney in front of a Judge, the old charges which kept this individual from being renewed were ordered to be set aside, and his driving record was cleared. Upon rehearing of the old charges that were set aside, he was granted Prayer for Judgement, and after a short "re-revocation" he was later eligible for a limited driving privilege which after a year, leads to full reinstatement. This was a complicated DMV/COURT case where the privilege would never have been available without first getting a valid license, which this Defendant had never had to start with!


Case Example 3:

    This Defendant had handled his license irresponsibly for over a decade. After having gone to prison for several years, he decided as he reorganized his life, a valid license would be crucial. He had been turned down for reinstatement in a DMV hearing about a year prior to contacting me, and was stuck with two permanent DMV revocations in two different counties. RESULT: After having both permanent revocation cases set aside in the courts, this defendant was again valid for license reinstatement after more than a decade of compiling a half inch thick driving record!


   DISCLAIMER: These are representative of some of the most difficult reinstatement cases I've handled and solved recently. Keep in mind that the interplay in these cases between DMV and the courts is crucial. There were hours and hours of work that was required to solve these cases. Each of these cases were highly unique, and outcomes vary wildly for each situation. Some cases are impossible to solve instantly, but each case deserves a review to make sure. The point is, if your issues are in Western NC, you need an effective Asheville traffic lawyer to review your case for a possible solution that you may have never imagined was attainable!

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