Asheville Defense Lawyer for Expungement or Expunction of Criminal Record

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Are you faced with the unfortunate need to answer yes on applications that ask if you have a criminal record?  Many people aren't aware that even dismissed charges will show on your record and could cause you prejudice in getting a job or qualifying for certain rights and privileges. There may still be hope for this situation. You can have your record cleared (expunged) so that you can truthfully answer "No" on applications, etc. regarding your past criminal record.   It all depends on what convictions you've had, and when they were entered against you. NC statute allows for the clearing of criminal records by Expungement in certain circumstances and is particularly more lenient for young offenders' records, minor offenses, or offenses that occurred a long time ago. I can look at your record and determine by statute if you qualify for clearing your record by Expungement. Call to find out if Expungement is possible for your record. 


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