Asheville Traffic Lawyer - Speed Competition Charges

    Speed Competition is willfully engaging in a spur of the moment race with another vehicle, and will be charged in NC as "Speed Competition."  While this charge is not as severe as pre-arranged racing, these charges are serious. Speed Competition is a class 2 misdemeanor, and can lead to a 1 year DMV driver's license suspension, as well as a criminal record; Not to mention, insurance impact will be severe with these type traffic violations. 

   If you've been charged with Speed Competition, you need to contact an experienced traffic attorney immediately. Often times these citations can be negotiated to a favorable outcome that could save you thousands, as well as avoiding a hit to your criminal record. If no negotiations are available,  this particular type of charge may be difficult for the state to prove. Just because you're speeding along side another vehicle doesn't necessarily mean you've formed the intent to willfully engage in a competition. If you've been charged with serious traffic violations in or around Asheville, NC, call an Asheville Traffic Lawyer today!

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