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  NC drunk driving charges are serious. If you're charged with DWI in Asheville, NC, you need a skilled criminal defense attorney. The effects an Impaired driving conviction can have on your life, your career, and your ability to travel are significant. However, a DWI charge is not always hopeless. You'll need to contact a criminal lawyer who is poised to analyze your DWI case from top to bottom.  You will need an attorney who is willing to analyze your case, and one who can determine whether or not you have any issues with the nature of the stop, the validity of the arrest, or the administration of the tests, or any other triable issues that could potentially lead to dismissal of the charges. Make no mistake, conviction rates are high for a DWI in Asheville, NC as well as DWI in Hendersonville, NC and other western NC areas.  Even if you plead guilty to DWI charges, there are issues with driving privileges pre-trial, and post trial. You'll also be faced with showing mitigating factors to lessen your punishment, as well as defending any aggravating factors that will increase punishment. Depending on the circumstances, and what level you land on, you could be facing significant jail sentences on the first offense. You'll want a skilled, knowledgeable advocate to help navigate this process, and to make sure you are able to keep driving, if possible, so that your life is not interrupted any more than necessary.

So What Can a Skilled DWI Defense Lawyer Do to Help My Case? Common Scenarios That May Affect Your Case:

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In summary: 

Impaired Driving in NC is a serious charge that calls for  a dedicated DWI Lawyer to analyze your case.

Impaired Driving in NC is a serious charge that calls for  a dedicated DWI Lawyer to analyze your case.

  • NC DWI stops can be broken down into phases and analyzed by an effective DWI attorney. There are several phases you'll want your attorney to look at, from the stop through the final breathalyzer, charge and sentencing.
  • Each of these DWI phases can be potentially successfully defended against on constitutional grounds.  If there are no triable issues available in your DWI case, certain preparatory actions along with the help of a skilled attorney could lead to lowering the severity of the charges. 
  • Even if the charges can't be reasonably challenged, your  lawyer can greatly improve your position, and help reduce the stressful burden you'll be facing.
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