McDowell County Speeding Ticket Lawyer

     If you've been cited with a speeding ticket or traffic ticket in McDowell County, you need an experienced traffic attorney who is familiar with this district. I negotiate and resolve traffic tickets and driver's license matters in Marion, NC (Mcdowell County Court house) on a regular basis. I also represent criminal clients in this jurisdiction for DWI, and other criminal offenses on a regular basis, therefore I'm very familiar with the local customs.

   You're prior driving record and current charges are important in considering the best solution to save you money and your driving privileges. Don't just pay the ticket online, or try to solve these often complicated cases on your own. Call an experienced Speeding ticket attorney for McDowell County today!

Typical Negotiation Outcomes for McDowell County Speeding and Traffic Tickets:

  -Reduction in speed, Improper Equipment, Prayer for Judgement, *Dismissals are extremely rare in this jurisdiction


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