If you've ever received a speeding ticket or other type of traffic ticket, you may have heard about defensive driving school. This is a course that is designed to help you become a safer, more aware motorist. Usually these course are offered by local driving schools or community colleges. So do you need driving school to resolve your traffic ticket case?

   If you've been cited with a traffic violation in Asheville, NC or surrounding Western NC areas, defensive driving school may be useful. You're better off calling an experienced speeding ticket attorney who knows the local customs, because driving school may be able to be avoided altogether for the same result you would have gotten with driving school! Once you've spent 4 to 8 hours in an in-person class (required for any district in this area that recognizes driving school), and have spent $75 to $100 for the class, you'll not be happy if you find out it didn't improve your position. 

   Each county in NC has specific requirements, customs, personalities, etc. when it comes to negotiating traffic tickets. Usually defensive driving school is a bargaining chip for a reduction to Improper Equipment, a non-moving no points result. Some counties will absolutely require a driving school certificate for this reduction. If you are a commercial driver, this reduction can be even more important for your job. Other counties will simply accept a large fine in place of driving school. Other times, driving school can be used as a bargaining chip for other outcomes that aren't so common. 

   Any time you've been charged with a speeding ticket, or some other traffic violation in Asheville, NC or surrounding, you need to call an experienced, focused Asheville speeding ticket lawyer.

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