Traffic Lawyers Must Know The Jurisdiction They Represent Clients In To Be Effective

    If you hire a traffic lawyer to represent you on a speeding ticket, or some other type of traffic citation, you'll want to make sure they are familiar with the locale. Many clients mistakenly believe that since they've had a speeding or traffic ticket in NC before, the counties surrounding Asheville/Buncombe County will be negotiated similarly. Western NC has several different judicial districts clustered together, where the outcome and cost of a traffic charge can shift dramatically on the same exact charge, solely based on that jurisdiction's customs. 

   I cover multiple Western NC jurisdictions for my clients, and this is why I know each jurisdiction is very different. In fact, if you've ever gotten a speeding ticket in Asheville, then you may think a speeding ticket in McDowell County is the same. But think again! The fines and what the district attorneys are willing to do between these two districts is considerably different. You'll want a traffic attorney who has attended court for your specific type of citation in the particular jurisdiction where you are charged. Some jurisdictions not only charge significantly higher or lower fines, some jurisdictions refuse to negotiate for particular types of charges, certain speeds, or even certain areas of the highway!

   Before you call just anyone, or try to handle your traffic matter alone, make sure you contact a Western NC traffic lawyer who visits ALL the surrounding counties, and who knows what type of outcome you can expect. Call the best Asheville Traffic Lawyer now!

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