Time To Pay Your Court Fees For Traffic Violations

      Often  a speeding ticket or other traffic violation can come at the worst time. This typically has to do with money, and the fact that we don't have an endless supply of it. Most jurisdictions recognize time to pay, which means the citation can be resolved with the desired outcome, and the Clerk of Court will enter the judgement with time to pay the court costs and fines. By statute, you are given 40 days to comply financially, and there is a one time $20 finance charge that tacks on to the balance. If you fail to comply in time, the Clerk will enter this and you'll be taxed with additional fees, as well as DMV impact on your driver's license. 

   Buncombe County in particular, doesn't currently recognize time to pay. They expect the costs and fines to be paid to the clerk by 5pm that business day. However, there are ways around that problem. Typically these court dates fall in Administrative court, where your attorney can appear for you and get continuances without your presence. We can push off the date until money frees up a little more.

   Also,  I'm usually happy to break the cost of my fees and the court costs and fines into a few installments, while buying the client time with continuances. I then simply resolve the issue once all the costs/fines/fees are paid to me. How much time depends on where we are, and if any continuances have been granted previously.

    If you've been issued a traffic related charge in Asheville or surrounding, and money is a little tight leading up to the next court date, call an experienced Asheville speeding ticket lawyer to find out how I can ease your worries. 

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