Why You Shouldn't Pay a Simple Registration Citation

   Many people might be shocked to realize that an expired tag charge in NC is considered a misdemeanor. The state makes it easy enough to pay these citations and move on with life, however, this is also a compliance citation. What this means is that if you fix the bad tag, and provide proof to the state, the charge will be dismissed. However, someone must show up in court, you or your traffic lawyer, to get this done. 

   I recently saw a major back fire from someone having paid one of these type citations years ago. This individual was doing some volunteer work in another state, had declared no criminal background, and was found later to in fact have a criminal record because of a paid registration violation. When you pay it, you're admitting guilt and convicted! This poor unknowing defendant was escorted out of the volunteering position by security once the establishment found out about the record. We were able to go back and fix the issue, but this is trouble you don't want later on. Not to mention paying an attorney to get this dismissed once the tag is fixed is typically cheaper than the citation!

   If you've been charged with an expired/fictitious tag, and you want to make sure you don't suffer a damaging criminal record in the future, call a knowledgeable criminal traffic lawyer today!


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