The Driving While License Revoked Never-Ending Nightmare

    Something simple, such as an infraction speeding ticket could lead to a revoked license. This could happen for a number of reasons. Maybe you forgot to appear for court, maybe judgement was entered and you failed to comply with some fines. Regardless of the scenario, this never ending cycle of DWLR is common, and I've found most of my clients who are trapped in it feel like they are in a nightmare!

   There is some light at the end of the dark tunnel of  the Driving While License Revoked (DWLR) nightmare. So what is this cycle all about? Whatever event triggered the revoked license to begin with led to a series of citations or arrests for continually getting caught driving while the license was revoked. Also, other moving violations can stack up during the period of revocation and add to the amount of time DMV revokes your license. The first DWLR after you're revoked is a 1 year suspension. However, each additional DWLR or moving violation compounds the time revoked until before you know it, you're revoked permanently! This only requires a few consecutive charges during a period of revocation.

  There are a few common approaches to fixing these frustrating cycles. First of all, you have to fix what suspended the license to begin with. Sometimes, that event has run it's course and so much time has passed by that you only need to fix the charge that suspended you last. I see a variety of different situations when I review my clients' driving records, and no single approach can fix every case. However, I've found success in fixing almost all the cases of DWLR that I'm faced with. Whether is requires reopening the case (MAR), resetting failures to appear and getting PJC or dismissal, or even considering a DMV Hearing or DWLR driving privilege, we can usually get you compliant and back on the road before you know it. 

   If you've been caught in the DWLR cycle and need to get your license renewed and compliant, call an experienced Asheville Traffic Lawyer Today!


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