Failure to Appear on Speeding Tickets and Traffic Tickets Will Cost You Extra Fines!

   Aside from having your license revoked for failing to appear for your traffic ticket, an expense many clients are unaware of is the failure to appear fee. If you've missed your traffic ticket court date, a failure to appear will be entered by the Clerk of Court, and DMV will be updated. At this point, your license will be in a jam until the Failure to Appear is cleared. 

   The extra cost involved is a failure to appear fee that is assessed. If you have gone longer than 20 days past your court date, the Clerk of Court will require a $200 penalty before they update DMV that your failure to appear has been handled.  Having been served an order for arrest and/or simply resetting the missed court date will not automatically recall the failure to appear from DMV. 

   The solution in these cases will require your traffic attorney to get a judge's signature on an order to strike the failure to appear. Your attorney can also attempt to get an order to strike the failure to appear fee. Whether or not the $200 fee is required will depend on the district. Some localities are more strict than others about assessing this fee, and therefore judges more hesitant to strike the fee absent genuine court error.

   If you've been revoked, or have failed to appear for a traffic violation in Asheville or surrounding areas, call an Asheville speeding ticket lawyer today!


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