Hit And Run Citations

   One of the most common non-speeding traffic citations we deal with is "Leaving the Scene of an Accident", or "Hit and Run." By far, most cases of Hit and Run are charged as a class 1 misdemeanor, and usually only involve property damage. The property damage could have occurred to any number of items, not just other cars. If you knew, or should have known that the damage occurred as you were involved in some sort of crash, the NC statute seeks to hold you accountable. 

   Some forms of Hit and Run can be charged as felonies, particularly when bodily injury, or serious bodily injury occur. These are serious crimes that can involve prison sentences with a conviction. Fortunately, most Hit and Run cases are the class 1 misdemeanor. These are still serious moving violations that will cause your criminal record and driving license/insurance a major impact. A conviction of the misdemeanor version of Hit and Run can cause a double in car insurance premiums alone! 

   The good news is, an experienced Asheville speeding ticket lawyer can usually handle these type citations without a major impact to your life and license. Often times clients are quite shaken when they've backed into a neighbor's car, or bumped some object or vehicle only to be greeted at their front door later with a hit and run citation. Often times they genuinely didn't realize they had grazed someone else's property, or the defendant was going to return later because someone wasn't nearby when the crash occurred. There are several other scenarios that could lead to this type charge.

   Remarkably, these misdemeanor cases can often be disposed of with a dismissal if proper procedures are adhered to, and you may not even need to step foot in court! If you've been charged with Hit and Run in Asheville, or surrounding WNC counties, call your Asheville traffic ticket attorney today!


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