Asheville Injury Lawyer-Healthcare Liens And How They Affect Your Settlement

    The last thing you want is to have a personal injury settlement wiped out by liens. Liens in injury law are also referred to as subrogation claims. Insurers and providers can and will seek to recover owed money that they believe they are legally entitled to. These claims are placed against your personal injury claim proceeds by Medicare, Medicaid, Hospitals, Doctors, Health Insurance, and Workers' Compensation Insurers. If these liens are upheld, you could lose up to your entire settlement amount!

   So what can an Asheville injury lawyer do to help me with liens placed against my settlement? Many liens could be made that are false or without merit. An injured party's plan needs to be reviewed to make certain that the language is sufficient to verify a valid lien. It is possible to have liens negotiated or removed entirely. This is one important aspect of your claim that a skilled personal injury lawyer could assist you with. Call an Asheville personal injury attorney today!


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