New Driving While License Revoked Rules

   As of December, 2015, the rules for DMV action rules on Driving While License Revoked convictions have changed. To an extent, the rules have eased on Driving While revoked for non-impaired revocations.

   For example, it you missed a speeding ticket date at court, and you are subsequently charged with Driving While License Revoked, then a conviction of that DWLR would not automatically revoke your license for another year. Of course, if you were originally revoked for Impaired Driving, you'll face the exact same re-revocation nightmare upon conviction.

   It seems that the new rules will still reserve DMV's right to revoke you for for driving once on notification of failure to appear for. For example, if you failed to appear for your speeding ticket court date, once you are noticed of the failure to appear, DMV can revoke you for an additional year for any subsequent related driving while revoked convictions. This really kind of ruins the whole point as far as I can tell, because aside from impaired revocations this is the most common scenario for driving while revoked charges.

   It also appears that commissions of the driving while revoked offense will still add additional revocation years if the commission date is prior to the December 1,  2015 rule change date. So at the end of the day, I'm not sure how often this change will provide relief as it is written. Make no mistake, if you've been charged with Driving While License revoked in NC, you need an effective traffic ticket attorney to take a look at your driving record and make sure the proper solution is pursued.

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