Unsafe movement citations are tickets that generally get issued when an accident has occurred. Examples could be: failure to reduce speed, exceeding a safe speed, unsafe movement, etc. These citations are infractions, and do cause point assessments to license and insurance. 

   Recently, a client asked me how he could be cited for exceeding a safe speed when he was not speeding. The rationale here is simple. You may not have exceeded the speed limit, but you have attempted to negotiate a maneuver at a speed in which you are unable to safely operate the vehicle, thus causing some accident. The public safety concern is obvious here. 

   With that said, if you've been given a ticket in Asheville or surrounding Western NC areas for unsafe movement, there are a couple options that usually help resolve this. If you've had insurance pay for any damage, often times the state will take a dismissal of the ticket. Also, in some situations, no insurance pays out for mutual fault, or other situations can occur such as a one vehicle accident with no property damage to others, all leading to this type citation. If this has happened, in certain districts a  Prayer For Judgement Continued (PJC) may be useful to resolve the citation. For more information, call a skilled Asheville traffic attorney today: