DWI Charges Are Often An Individual's First Brush With The Law

     When you think about a criminal prosecution, you often imagine violent crimes, ruthless drug czars, ski mask wearing robbers, or maybe meth manufacturers. You probably never considered after having a few glasses of wine or beer, leaving a party or a dinner maybe, and facing criminal charges before you ever reach your home. This is how driving while impaired often happens.

     I find in my practice, that most of my DWI clients are standard people just like the rest of us. They work, they raise children, they pay taxes, they follow the law to the best of their ability. I'd say the majority of  DWI defendants have no prior record at all! 

   The uncomfortable process of dealing with DWI charges for many of my clients is indeed their first brush with the law. They feel out of place, and often times horrified by their situation. Whether or not they decide to plead guilty or find a strategy to challenge the charges at trial, this experience is never fun, and the assistance of DWI defense attorney is always going to be beneficial. Making the decision to plead guilty or not guilty, preparing for sentencing and driving privileges, and navigating the complicated court system is what we do best!

   If you've been charged with DWI in Asheville or surrounding areas, make sure to contact a skilled traffic defense lawyer now!

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