I was charged with DWI, what happens next?

One of the first things that needs to happen is you should call an experienced Asheville DWI Lawyer.  An experienced DWI attorney is going to be able to analyze your case from stop to finish, and develop a plan to best approach your legal issues. There are so many different scenarios and variables in DWI cases. Examples of some variables that determine the plan: blood draw cases, blood alcohol  level, minors in the car, wrecks, other charges included (drugs are common), and many more. These factors will shape how the case needs to be approached. There are so many different complexities, you'll want legal counsel involved early on. Not to mention, each DWI stop must be analyzed to determine if any issues exist with the stop. Police can't pull you over without "reasonable suspicion", and once you're pulled probable cause to detain and arrest must be shown. Often times these 4th Amendment issues are the only way to beat DWI charges.

DWI cases in Asheville are taken very seriously. They will almost never be dismissed without a trial, and challenging the charges takes some seriously well organized strategy. If other serious charges accompany the DWI, the state is often willing to negotiate dismissal of the other charges to get the DWI guilty plea. This means even some felony charges could be dismissed to get the DWI plea. That is how serious NC is about DWI charges.

I always guide my clients from pre-trial privilege to post-trial privilege or dismissal/not-guilty verdict. The dismissals and not guilty verdicts are a small percentage of cases, but sometimes these cases exist and a good DWI attorney can help you decide whether or not your case merits a challenge. The next step after being charged with DWI in Asheville is calling an Asheville DWI Lawyer! I'm always honored to help clients and humbled by their trust in my handling of their legal issues.

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