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I frequent Traffic Court in the Historical Madison County Courthouse, Marshall NC

I frequent Traffic Court in the Historical Madison County Courthouse, Marshall NC

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Did you get a speeding ticket in Madison County, NC? You need a Marshall, NC Speeding ticket attorney or a Mars Hill, NC speeding ticket attorney:

I am a Madison County, NC traffic ticket attorney and I frequently attend court in Marshall. If you have been given a Speeding Ticket in Madison county NC, It can often be negotiated to a non-moving violation of improper equipment. I often recommend this solution because it saves the opportunity to reduce any later speeding tickets to 9 mph and still avoid insurance points. Otherwise, you may qualify for a reduction that could save insurance points and ultimately, your license.


I find it all too common to get calls from clients for extreme speeds of 90MPH or higher charged on I26 in Madison county, largely due to the severe and extended grades, as well as Highway Parol’s focus on hiding at the bottom of these grades! Don’t go at these alone, or without a lawyer who knows the locale! Call now to find how we can mitigate these charges. All hope in these cases is not lost! Your license will depend on skillful negotiating in theses cases!

If you have been cited for Speeding in Marshall, NC, Speeding in Mars Hill, NC, or speeding in Madison County, NC,  then call a Madison County Speeding Ticket and Traffic Lawyer today:

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