DWI Refusal to Blow and Driving Privileges

   So what happens if you're charged with DWI in Asheville, and you decide not to blow for the breathalyzer downtown? DMV will be notified of your refusal to blow downtown, and your license will be revoked by DMV for 1 year, regardless of the outcome of your court case. The DMV refusal is a separate revocation. You do have the right to appeal the refusal, and you must notify DMV within 10 days of your notice of refusal revocation. Contact an Asheville DWI lawyer immediately if you have been hit with a refusal.


DWI Privileges are available after 6 months of revocation. 

   There does exist a limited driving privilege for DWI after refusal. Basically, you must meet all normal driving privilege requirements and wait an additional 6 months of revocation period before this privilege can be had. If you've refused, and are interested in driving privileges, contact an Asheville DWI attorney today!


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