So What Should I Do If I'm Stopped For DWI in Asheville or Surrounding WNC Areas?

      Aside from the obvious actions that you should perform, such as pull over immediately, politely provide ID and registration requirements, and exit the car if you are asked, you may be wondering what is the best course of action in dealing with a stop where you might be under suspicion of DWI-DUI. 

Common things you should avoid when stopped for suspicion of DWI:

  • Questions and Interviews: If you answer questions or give in to a roadside interview, the case is being built, and evidence is being gathered as you talk. Respectfully state that you'd rather not answer unnecessary questions in the DWI stop.
  • Don't Consent to any search during a DWI stop.
  • Don't Agree to perform any roadside tests. This includes the roadside breathalyzer or the roadside field sobriety tests. Refusal on these do not automatically revoke your license.
  • Don't consent to  blood draws, but if you are forced, there is no need to fight. Make sure you your refusal is clearly stated.

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