Unemployment Benefit Attorney for Appeal Hearings  

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If you have been denied unemployment benefits after having to leave your job, you may be entitled to an appeal where you can bring an employment lawyer to represent you against your employer. Often times employers may come up with reasons why you were fired for good cause, when really you weren't.  There may even be witnesses available who can attest in your favor. I can help you organize these type appeals to the Division of Employment Security. While these appeals are generally held via telephone, you have a right to request an in-person hearing where the employer will be required to appear in front of you and an appeals referee to justify your denial of benefits. This is where a good employment lawyer could help you win the appeal. Proper questioning could show your termination was not for just cause, thus you would be entitled to benefits. I find these in-person hearings preferential in getting a good result for unemployment benefit appeals. If success cannot be had at the initial appeal, you can still appeal your case to the Superior court for a true judicial review. Call me today to discuss the possibility of securing the benefits you have earned.

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