This answer depends on a number of different factors. If you look at your ticket, you'll see the court costs and fines listed. You can pay this if you desire, but the outcome may not be pretty with DMV and insurance. 

   Generally, traffic citations carry a court cost of $188 or $190 in NC. The cheaper of the two applies to infractions, while the higher amount applies to misdemeanors. Many people are shocked when they realize that many NC traffic citations are class 3 misdemeanors. The cost of paying one of these citations is a criminal traffic record as well as DMV license suspension in many cases. You definitely don't want to pay the ticket as issued.

   This gets us to the cost of negotiating the ticket yourself, vs. hiring an effective traffic attorney for your Asheville traffic ticket. If you are from out of town, and the ticket is a mandatory appearance, it's a no-brainer. Your travel, time in court, and discomfort, coupled with your likely confusion of which option is best, is by no means worth saving a couple hundred dollars. If your citation is not a mandatory appearance, paying it online will plead you guilty, and stick you with the outcome that DMV and Insurance are authorized to impose. When you get in this mess, your cost goes up drastically to repair the situation. 

   When hiring a quality traffic lawyer, and I emphasize quality, depending on which county you were in, and which option you choose to solve your speeding or traffic ticket issue, the costs could about double or triple what you see on the ticket as costs and fines. Most good traffic lawyers will collect your costs and fines from you, and hold those funds in trust until the issue is resolved, paying the Clerk on your behalf. So if you get a quote, you'll need to be sure the cost is including the costs and fines due to the court.

   There are dozens of solutions that will cost different amounts for each traffic ticket circumstance. What is for certain, is that your time, insurance, license, and stress levels will be better managed, and you won't be gambling money in the future if you hire an effective Asheville traffic lawyer.

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