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Guidelines determine punishment with DWI Conviction

Guidelines determine punishment with DWI Conviction

   If you're charged with DWI-DUI in Asheville, NC, upon conviction you will be sentenced according to standard NC DWI sentencing guidelines. Judges do have some discretion within these boundaries, so where you see the minimum sentences with mostly probation and fines, you've been granted leniency by the judge. Attorneys can not make typical plea bargaining deals with the state on DWI sentences, and judges have great discretion upon conviction. NC DWI sentences can carry months long jail sentences on the first offense. While these DWI sentences are uncommon in the Asheville-WNC area, month long or year long sentences aren't as uncommon on aggravated level cases. If you've been charged with DWI-DUI in Asheville or surrounding Western NC areas, call an Asheville DWI lawyer today!

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DWI Level 5 - Requires more mitigating factors than aggravating

24 hours (community or in-custody) minimum

60 Days (in-custody) max

$200 fine + $290 costs

DWI Level 4 - Requires balance of mitigating and aggravating factors

48 hours(community or in-custody) minimum

120 Days (in-custody) max

$500 fine + $290 costs

DWI Level 3 - Requires more aggravating than mitigating factors

72 hours(community or in-custody) minimum

6 months (in-custody) max

$1000 fine + $290 costs

DWI Level 2 - Requires 1 Grossly Aggravating Factor

7 days (in-custody) minimum

1 year (in-custody) max

$2000 fine + $290 costs

DWI Level 1 - Requires 2 Grossly Aggravating Factors

30 days (in-custody) minimum

2 years (in-custody) max 

$4000 fine + $290 costs

DWI Level A1 - Requires 3 Grossly Aggravating Factors

12 month (in-custody) minimum

3 years (in-custody) max

$10,000 fine +$290 costs

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