DWI, DUI, Impaired Driving, What's The Difference?

   In my Asheville impaired driving practice, I often notice confusion about the different abbreviations we use, and the terms for driving while impaired. Many people seem to think DWI, DUI, etc. are different things. In NC, driving while impaired (DWI) is the only real term. It applies to drunk driving, drugged driving (prescription or both), or driving while under the impairing effects (referred to by law as "appreciable impairment") of some substance. This often just boils down to law enforcement's opinion of you being impaired base on their training and experience. Breath tests and field sobriety tests are not required to bring this charge or a conviction!

   What this means is, if the state has some proof of an impairing substance, and law enforcement has observed evidence of the effects on your driving, you could be convicted of driving while impaired, regardless of the term you want to use for it! So, if you were arrested for driving after alleged evidence  that your legal prescription affected your driving, you need a skilled Asheville Impaired Driving defense lawyer. Make no mistake, driving while impaired is a serious criminal charge that requires a knowledgeable advocate. Contact an Asheville criminal lawyer now!


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