Charged With a Moving Violation On a Limited Driving Privilege

   If you've been granted a limited driving privilege as a result of DWI conviction, excessive speeding, or other charges, an additional moving violation while driving on this privilege can cause some significant DMV issues. The moving violation could be anything from a speeding ticket, to an unsafe movement, reckless driving, or any number of other traffic related charges. Just being involved in a bump up with a limited driving privilege could produce a moving violation charge which will jeopardize your limited driving privilege, as well as possibly extending the date for when you are able to renew your full license.

   So what if my DWI limited driving privilege is in jeopardy due to a new moving violation I've received? The key to saving your privilege at this point is to not plead guilty to a moving violation. For example, a speeding ticket that is reduced will not help your situation. It's still a speeding ticket/moving violation, just less speed. Sure, no one at court will mention it or care, but when you get the letter from DMV a few weeks later you'll know you've messed up! 

   Usually if a non-moving violation plea like Improper Equipment is not available (not available in Asheville /Buncombe for example) then you have only a few options to save the privilege. First of all, a dismissal will always work, but is going to be rare under this circumstance. Beating tickets at trial is another option, albeit extremely difficult, bordering impossible. So we are usually left with Prayer For Judgement continued, not having been used twice in the last 5 years, which allows DMV to ignore your new moving violation and preserve your limited driving privilege. 

   If you've been charged with a moving violation while using your DWI limited driving privilege, you could be facing a revocation of the privilege plus an additional year of license suspension! Also, if you've pled guilty to a violation under these circumstances and are experiencing the effects, action can be taken to undo this mistake. Make sure in these circumstances that you contact an Asheville DWI-Traffic Lawyer right away!


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